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And cerulean blue eyes that sparkled with delight, So tiny, only two days old. Seeing the sweet smile of my future wife. She nods at me as I take her hand. Swiftly we drive away in that Ford T-bird. Scooping up the little brown eyed girl, Looking oh, so hopeful. You gently perched her on your shoulder for the whole world to see. Standing in the church with our eyes locked. As we chugged along the fields, Riding that gigantic tractor, me nestled on your lap. Lifting me up into your red

Coffee, My Beloved – Coffee House Writers –

I’ve been consuming this wonderful beverage since I was nine years old. Not even my grandfather’s warning of it “putting hair on my chest” deterred my consumption. I even have a nickname because of my obsession with this brown concoction; Caffiend! Let’s face it, I worship coffee. It is my answer to all that ails me, and so delicious! To pay homage to my lifesaver, and let’s be honest, my co-writer most times, I decided to write a poem about this amazing brew. Bringing me such ecstasy, such exh


Lately, my life has been undergoing some very drastic changes.  We’re moving across the country for my husband’s job, I need to find a job in a new city with my new career, we need to fix up the house and sell it; all in a span of a month! Add me trying to finish up four courses in my degree.  A degree that is a complete 180° change from my current line of work. I feel like I’m being swallowed whole by all that is ahead of me. But I want a fresh, new start, and with these kinds of beginnings com

The Quilt So Soft

One may ask, what is a Rondeau poem? It is a poem that contains fifteen lines that have two rhymes throughout the poem. Typically the first few words or entire phrase from the first line get repeated twice. These words or phrase is called a refrain which is an excellent indicator of its history of being used for lyrics in the thirteenth century France. I chose this particular form for a creative writing class for an added extra challenge to my serious endeavors into poetry. I figured that if I