Denial Could Have Been the Death of Me

My life of denial began when I was nearly nine years old. After a routine checkup, the doctor noticed I had high blood pressure. Pretty unusual for an 8-year-old. After further testing, the doctor discovered I had a non-functioning kidney. It had to come out as it was damaging my remaining kidney. So, at the ripe old age of 9, I had my left kidney removed. My parents were told that I could live a relatively normal life, but no contact sports. I think their fear of losing me made them shelter me

How to Woodburn Part 1

In my previous article, I reviewed the basics of pyrography. In this series, we’ll go in-depth into how to woodburn all sorts of surfaces to decorate your home, office, or to just make some personalized gifts. No matter the type of surface you choose to burn, preparing that surface is key to clean and stunning artwork. Some of the most common types of materials to burn are leather, bone, cork, and wood, of course. For this tutorial, we’ll use a wood plaque to demonstrate the basics of pyrograph

What Is Pyrography?

Pyrography is an ancient art form using fire to burn in images into wood, leather, and bone. Even though this form of art was developed long ago, it was only in the 1900s that the term pyrography was first used. Pyrography is a Greek word that translates as “writing with fire.” Most people may recognize it by its more popular name of woodburning. Whichever name you call it, it’s an interesting medium to create beautiful works of art. While some state that the form was developed by using charcoa

What Happened America?

I sit here, watching the protest events unfold in front of my eyes. I am not shocked nor surprised. I am disgusted. I am disgusted by people who claim to love one another turning their backs on their fellow man. Racism is not new to the US. We’ve struggled with equal treatment of blacks since way before I was born… way before this country was officially founded. Hell, we all but obliterated the Native Americans when taking this country from them. So, yeah, the good ‘ol USA was founded on outrigh

May The Fourth Be With You

Star Wars fans rejoice! May 4th is Star Wars Day. The internationally recognized day of celebrating all things Star Wars is here. Some may wonder what this day is all about and how it originated. Let’s take a closer look at this geeky holiday. Most everyone knows that the epic saga first premiered in 1977 with the fourth part of George Lucas’ Star Wars story known as Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope. The movie became an instant hit, generating interest and the release of parts five and six, and

Travel The World From Your Computer

If you’re like many folks, cabin fever has become an actual condition. While we may all be self-isolating, that doesn’t mean we have to sit around in our homes and do nothing. As our nation practices social distancing, we can find creative ways to pass the time. Fortunately, there are tons of companies and websites willing to help out in our boredom so that we can stay home and save lives. Below are a few ideas of where to virtually visit and enrich your lives at the same time. Feel like explor

Netflix And… Social Distance?

With the insanity of COVID-19 and the government recommending to self-isolate to slow down the spread, folks are getting bored and feeling lonely. While most have enjoyed a bit of binge-watching on different streaming services, it’s always been rather lonely if you don’t have anyone at home to watch with you. Netflix remedied this by making the Netflix and Chill activity a group (yet separate) activity by creating the handy Chrome extension Netflix Party. Netflix Party is an ingenious way to br

Social Distancing: How You Can Survive the Isolation

With US government officials and scientists recommending our population to self-isolate to slow the spread of COVID-19, many people may be feeling the effects of social distancing very negatively. While the US has a large sector of remote workers, social distancing may be a very foreign activity. If you find yourself struggling with the isolation and solitude, below are some suggestions and advice to help you get through these chaotic times. Whether you’re worrying over getting Coronavirus, the

Doctor Who And The Timeless Children

The Doctor Who season 12 finale was a shocker. It left me feeling dumbstruck, shocked, and numb. Just when I thought I knew the Doctor, Chris Chibnall threw a spanner in the works and rocked mine and other fellow Whovians’ worlds. I’ve been an obsessed fan of Doctor Who since 1977 (Yes, I was a wee kid.) Even as a child, I poured over facts and history of the Time Lord’s (Is she still a Time Lord?) timeline. There’s been a plot hole here and there, but as a devoted fan, I’ve always skirted over

Winter is Coming…To The Elder Scrolls Online

On January 16th, at their global reveal event, Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) announced to a studio audience and thousands of online streamers their upcoming chapter in the wildly popular MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) The Elder Scrolls Online titled Dark Heart of Skyrim. Game Director for ZOS Matt Firor announced that ZOS decided to do another year-long adventure, much like last year’s Elsweyr chapter. At the announcement, Pete Hines (@DCDeacon), senior vice pres

Set Goals, Not Resolutions

Every New Year is usually the same. We make unreasonable or even unattainable goals, mostly dealing with our weight. While keeping a healthy weight is advisable to avoid other health issues, New Year’s resolutions don’t always have to be concerned with such goals. The term “resolution” seems to connotate a temporary objective. Instead, let’s refer to them as goals. Goals, for many, is a mindful intention, something achievable and with an end in sight. While some of your goals may be an ongoing

How to Get More Accurate Measurements in Excel Using Error Bars

Whether you’re a statistician or need to track variables in your monthly sales, Error Bars in Excel can provide a great visual on just how accurate your numbers or measurements are compared to the actual value. With Excel’s built-in measurements using percentages, deviations, and more, you should be able to get a more accurate picture of your data. Below is how to use Excel’s Error Bars to get you a more accurate idea of your measurements. How to Add Error Bars in Excel Adding Error Bars to y

How to Use Photoshop’s Liquify Tool

Using Adobe Photoshop’s Liquify tool, you can fix common flaws or even create artistic images with a few simple adjustments. You can use some of the basic options to make those ordinary pictures into extraordinary photographs without being a Photoshop guru. Keep reading to find out what the Photoshop Liquify tool is, what it can do, and how you can use it. What is the Liquify Tool in Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop has hundreds of options, filters, and other tools to manipulate an image. The Liquif

Cutting the Cord? Here’s How to Watch Live TV on Roku

Cord cutting is growing more popular every day with the convenience and cheaper costs of broadband internet. Like a dying dinosaur, cable and even satellite services are quickly becoming a relic of the past. If you’re considering cutting the cord and eyeballing a Roku, there a few things you need to know before pulling the cable TV plug, most importantly, how to watch live TV on a Roku. You may be eager to cut that cord, however watching live television on your Roku is easier than you think. On

How to Get Rid of Those Nasty Viruses on Your PC Without Antivirus Software

If you get on the internet or even just use email, there is always the possibility you could end up with a computer virus. If you’re one of the unlucky ones and need to remove a virus from your laptop, don’t despair. There are ways to eliminate your system of viruses without antivirus software. Keep reading to learn how to remove a virus from your laptop or computer without antivirus software.

How to Organize, Edit and Keep Your Photos With Sony PlayMemories

You have a shiny Sony camera and want to get more out of it but have no idea where to turn. Fortunately, Sony has a wide variety of apps and filters that can be downloaded to your camera via their PlayMemories app. Many are free to use while some have a modest price tag. If you don’t have any of the cameras below, you can't use the PlayMemories app, though Sony does occasionally add new models. For non-Sony cameras, you’ll have to check with your camera manufacturer for a comparable product. •
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