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Winter is Coming…To The Elder Scrolls Online

On January 16th, at their global reveal event, Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) announced to a studio audience and thousands of online streamers their upcoming chapter in the wildly popular MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) The Elder Scrolls Online titled Dark Heart of Skyrim. Game Director for ZOS Matt Firor announced that ZOS decided to do another year-long adventure, much like last year’s Elsweyr chapter. At the announcement, Pete Hines (@DCDeacon), senior vice pres

Doctor Who Series 11 Premiere Date Released

The BBC have finally revealed Doctor Who series 11 premiere date. In typical BBC fashion, they released a small teaser announcement of the premiere date as October 7, 2018. American audiences were given a larger teaser featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in a colorful if not explosive video. Series 11 will prove to be a game changer in many ways. As Whovians both old and new alike know, this is the first regeneration of the beloved timelord (err, timelady) that features a female. What some

Drunks and Dragons Create Kickstarter for Card Game

The Drunks and Dragons podcast crew created a Kickstarter for their new co-operative drinking card game Drinks and Daggers. Carmic Industries based their game in the entertaining world from their now infamous podcast.  In a rapid 3.5 hours, the Drunks and Dragons team hit their target and are now at 208% of their $25,000 goal. If you love podcasts and humor, then you’ve surely heard of Drunks and Dragons. Broadcasting since November 2012, Drunks and Dragons features an actual active playing imp

Doctor Who Joins Star Wars Cast

Rumor has it that Doctor Who and The Crown star, Matt Smith will join the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX.  Sci-Fi fanboys and fangirls alike can squee in delight as the 11th Doctor will play a key role in the next movie. Walt Disney Pictures have released few details about their newest production. It is not known whether Smith’s role will be on the Empire’s side or the Rebels. Returning for Episode IX is Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver. Other newcomers are Keri Russell, R

Sneak Peek at Disney’s Live Action Mulan

In their latest entry of animation to live-action, Disney released a sneak peek photo and synopsis of their live-action Mulan film. Disney released the original animated movie in 1998, and with their continuing in the retelling of their classics in live-action, fans hoped Disney wouldn’t take too long to film Mulan with real humans versus animation. Disney also released the official synopsis of the film. It appears that this new rendition will be more action-packed and less comedic as there is

Batwoman and Supergirl Could Share Same Universe

Theories are flying around about which Earth Batwoman will reside on since the announcement of her appearance in the next big Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow crossover. Many believe Batwoman and Supergirl will exist together on Earth-38, Supergirl’s home. With Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) being featured in this year’s crossover, one particular theory seems to have some validity. Since the first crossover Invasion storyline when Supergirl visited The Flash and Arrow on Earth-1, it only

ABC to Reboot Bewitched

Another walk down memory lane is about to happen as ABC has decided to reboot the beloved 60’s comedy Bewitched. ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television commissioned a pilot from Black-ish writer\creator Kenya Barris. The “new” premise of the pilot will be featuring a bi-racial couple. The episode will feature an African-American Samantha as a single mom who marries the mortal Darrin, a white slacker. Just like the original series, the reboot will focus on Samantha and Darrin as they navigate

The Big Bang Theory Ending

You can almost hear a collective scream as Warner Bros. TV announced that The Big Bang Theory will end in 2019. This fall will the show’s 12th and final season which will start back up on September 24th with the series ending in May 2019. The series finale shouldn’t be a big surprise as some of the cast have been openly talking about the possibility of season 12 being their last. This is despite CBS stating earlier that they were in talks for a 13th season. Perhaps a spinoff is coming? The ser

Vampyr Heads to Television

Yet another video game is being developed into a television series. Dontnod Entertainment granted rights to Fox 21, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, for a Vampyr television series. This just after news in July of another one of their games, Life is Strange being developed for a TV series as well. Seems the latest trend in television is to take video games and turn them into series. Since comic books are box office gold and also successful on TV, why not turn another geeky institution into rati

Housemarque Announces Stormdivers

Game developer Housemarque announced at Gamescom convention in Germany the target release of their latest game Stormdivers. This just after they announced that “arcade gaming was dead,” detailed their next big project featuring an Unreal-powered free-for-all battle game. Stormdivers will be a third-person shooter based in a science fiction setting of an environment plagued by clouds of nanobots and groups of scavengers who fight one another for their technology. The premise of the game is to re

Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies

Ubisoft has released their third and final entry in this season’s pass with Dead Living Zombies. They will release the zombie-filled DLC on August 28th and should prove to be a big hit with those undead loving folks. The DLC will have both solo and co-op play with military-themed missions at military bases, farmlands, and urban rooftops. Sounds like a bit of zombie parkour will be had in this expansion.  To add some campy vibes to the DLC. D-list film director Guy Marvel will provide narration.

Marvel Studios Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary

Marvel Studios will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a glorious film festival in IMAX theaters. For an entire week, IMAX theaters will show all 20 (yes, every one of them!) of their blockbuster movies including for the first time ever, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America: The First Avenger. Fanboys and Fangirls alike can enjoy all twenty of these movies during the week of August 30th through September 6th with 4 screenings a day. Each film with be shown in its original theat

YouTube Removes The Nun Ads Due to Complaints

At a site where it seems nothing is sacred, YouTube removes The Nun ads due to many complaints and comments of its scary nature. What over 130,000 Twitter users have commented that the ad uses a cheap scare tactic called jump scares. What started this chain of events was a Twitter user by the handle of @bbydvas who tweeted what seemingly was a public service announcement concerning the short ad. In it she states, “WARNING! If you see an ad on youtube with a volume sign

Battle for Azeroth Renews Faction Hostilities

While this may be World of Warcraft’s 7th expansion, Battle for Azeroth has renewed the more than decade-long hostilities across factions. Back in the early days (vanilla) of WoW and even in the RTS Warcraft games, the line between the Horde and the Alliance was always solidly an “us vs. them” mentality. What started as orcs versus humans developed into the full-on dislike (and even hatred) of the opposite side. In the BFA expansion, the story is rife with mistrust, and dare I say, hatred of ea

QuakeCon Keynote Highlights

Bethesda treated fans to many tidbits of juicy info and epic gameplay videos at QuakeCon 2018 keynote on Friday. This is QuakeCon’s 23rd annual event that showcases many of their games already released and those to be released later this year. At the event, attendees can attend all the discussions and even participate in several eSports events, of which, QuakeCon was the first event of its kind. This was the first year that Bethesda streamed the keynote on their site, TwitchTV, and on YouTube.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Does Not Disappoint

Rockstar just released their first gameplay video for Red Dead Redemption 2. Surely, the level of immersion and detail in the game will delight players for hours. In this six-minute video, Rockstar gives future players an inside glimpse of the rich storytelling and in-depth experiences to come in their soon-to-be-released console game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rockstar’s goal is to give not only an open world but one with an eye for the smallest of details to add a more believable and imm

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Incoming

In anticipation of the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games will release a gameplay trailer on August 9th (aka tomorrow). Its open-world Western-themed action-adventure game has a release date of October 26, 2018, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first Red Dead Redemption was released on May 18, 2010, and was a unique entry into the third-person gaming environment as its original setting was based in the early 1900s, (1911 to be exact) American frontier. In the game, players foll

Receive Epic Loot From QuakeCon

Avid gamers and fans of the game Quake usually look forward to anything that comes out of QuakeCon, an annual conference, and celebration of games and gamers. This year, Bethesda is making the conference even sweeter, especially to those who cannot attend the con in Gaylord, Texas. On August 2, Matt Grandstaff, associate director of the global community for Bethesda stated that during the keynote address, airing on TwitchTV will give viewers some sweet loot for some of their games. Included in

Castle Rock to Feature New Story Each Season

Stephen King’s latest outing in horror storytelling is a television series titled Castle Rock airing on Hulu. This new series will feature an anthology style season with a new story being told each season should the series be picked up after its inaugural season. For those that think this is an adaption to one of the Master of Suspense’s books, it is actually fresh new stories featured in the Stephen King universe. The series features a few Easter eggs and inside references to King’s previous w

WTF Blizz? Not Sylvanas!

With the looming World of Warcraft expansion only a few days away, Blizzard Entertainment released part 2 of their Warbringers animated shorts out on Tuesday. This week’s video featured the undead banshee queen and Horde warchief Sylvanas. Once that video began its circulation around the net, an uproar could almost be heard. In this video, Sylvanas heartlessly orders the burning down of the World Tree in Teldrassil, even though only Night Elf citizens were left. All in the name of war. What…the
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